Future Leaders is an important part of SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS INSTITUTE that links future leaders with today's business leaders. SBI 2002 Future Leaders connects younger generations and works toward a common goal of providing current business leaders with their top concerns for the future. These activities will help provide a smooth transition for both future and current business leaders. This is achieved through different initiatives and projects at SBI. One way this goal is achieved is through conversations between younger generations and CEO's at each SBI Forum. To learn more about this program, please contact SBI.
Internships & Volunteers at the Sustainable Business Institute Make a Difference Each Day:


Many projects are underway at SBI. Come visit and explore a project(s) that interests you. You will meet diverse business people, be given opportunities to make a significant contribution and gain valuable skills in a few hours or full internship.


-The Seal of Sustainability provides objective, third-party recognition that a company is visibly on its way to sustainability. The project includes being part of a working committee, which continually improves our application and putting together various pieces of the application package given to CEO's.
-The Annual CEO Forum is the preeminent conference for leaders to learn from one another about sustainable practices in the market place. This project focuses on getting information out. Common duties will include word processing, designing bulletins, and calling to CEO's and speakers to arrange details for the forum. This included other special events, e.g., our CEO Receptions.
-CEO Research is a project that includes web research and calling CEO's.
-Youth Leadership is a project that involves creating additions (individuals & schools) to our youth group. This includes developing creative ideas to connect CEO's with the youth at the annual forum and other projects.
-TV Production: This project will work on a special TV series involving Cronkite Productions.
-Web Development: This project will work with a large branding/marketing company to create a new look for SBI and utilize that on our web site. This includes ongoing development of the site.
-Marketing Development with a large marketing/branding company and learn how to create a strategy, partners, and message for the company and collateral. This includes our survey work of our stakeholders.
-Development of SBI Funding opportunities
-Financial, which includes bookkeeping
-Public Relations send press releases, PSA's, contact press by phone and build relations with our stakeholders.
All projects will include exposure to stellar people and will give you invaluable experience!

Contact: Jessica Fullmer (408) 370-5783 or send an email at hr@sustainablebusiness.org  Ask questions and explore how this opportunity includes you.