Bringing together diverse groups of business people to explore the ways and means of embarking on the journey of business sustainability is one of SBI’s primary objectives. Hosted by SBI member organizations, these User Groups offer settings where sustainable business management practices and methods, as well as barriers to implementation, are reviewed and discussed. Lessons learned are shared, adding momentum to innovation and continuous improvement for both new and early adopters of sustainable business practices. Participating companies gain valuable insight, relative to their companies’ specific needs and cultures, which when put into practice, will serve to facilitate the integration of sustainable business policies and practices in their own organizations.

The SBI has grown to become a major force in the effort to promote cross-industry concepts of sustainability. SBI also works to inform consumers so that they individually can make a difference when purchasing sustainable products, especially from a company that has earned the SBI Seal of Sustainability.

SBI has several opportunities for organizations, corporations, and individuals to participate. These include Memberships, Volunteers, Contributions, and the CEO Forum on Sustainable Business.

SBI has undertaken the challenge of educating multiple industries about the value of developing and implementing new strategic business agendas concerning sustainable practices. SBI generates a large part of its operating budget from each annual CEO Forum, and relies heavily on charitable contributions throughout the year to conduct and continue to expand its educational mission.

As a California non-profit organization, SBI can receive monetary contributions from businesses or individuals as tax-deductible donations. If you and/or your company/organization wish to make a tax-deductible contribution to SBI, please send a check or money order to SBI:

467 Saratoga Avenue #1411
San Jose, CA 95129
or email a request

Online contributions can be made at: 

In kind contributions of all kinds are needed by SBI on an ongoing basis. SBI can be contacted for a list of suitable and needed in-kind contribution possibilities, such as materials, equipment, advertising support, etc. Inquiries regarding these forms of sponsorship can be directed to

The Seal involves an application process for companies that are seeking the award recognition. The Seal applicants are required to demonstrate in their applications how their companies address sustainability from economic, environmental and social perspectives in their business practices. In reviewing applications, we are seeking companies whose actions and programs demonstrate the following criteria:

Commitment to implementing sustainable business practices, specifically at the operations or board levels
Success in achieving sustainability goals & objectives while maintaining and enhancing profitability
Actions that go "above and beyond" the minimum requirements of applicable laws and regulations
Setting a new "best practice" standard or baseline within an industry or business sector
Actions in production, manufacturing or elsewhere that set a “sustainable” example for the recipient’s industry
Intent to raise public/consumer awareness of new sustainable products & technologies
Verification with management that a company is making progress towards sustainable business practices
In order for a business to remain a recipient of the Seal, it must provide verifiable evidence of continued improvement.

For more information about the Seal, please contact Jessica Fullmer at the Sustainable Business Institute by telephone at (408) 370-5783 or email

Membership in the Sustainable Business Institute is open to private-sector senior executives who are responsible for the vision and strategic planning of their companies. Specialized services to CEO's and key executives include, but are not limited to the following:

Interact with CEO's/Executives from diverse industries
Seal of Sustainability Workshop
Participate in the future SBI member web site
Access to relevant marketing tools
Access to message board
Access web-based videos
Receive proceeding reports from the Forum and white papers from members
Share knowledge, experience, and goals with peers
Meet cross-industry CEO's and strengthen your own supply-chain-management goals
Work peer-to-peer with other businesses that are committed to sustainability
Learn how to better use sustainable business practices for:
Increasing operating profits through energy and resource efficiencies
Minimizing PR and legal constraints
Increasing market capitalization and earnings per share
Influence and be influenced by our next-generation leaders
Learn about unique sustainable projects
Attend the annual CEO Forum and general SBI events at reduced cost

SBI works with a number of volunteers that assist SBI in conducting a wide variety of activities. Most of this work requires on-site activity; however volunteers for SBI currently reside all over the world. If you desire to contact SBI concerning becoming a volunteer, please email us at:

Please include a brief description of your background (or resume) and your desired level of time commitment expressed as expected hours volunteered per month. Current volunteers include former and current business leaders, community participants, interested individuals, and university students.