Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to welcome your participation through our bi-annual forums, Media Outreach, Seal of Sustainability, Future Leadership, Sustainable Business User Groups, Global Outreach, and other volunteer activities.

The SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS INSTITUTE (SBI) is a unique organization comprised of a Board of Directors, Advisory Council, a CEO Forum Host Committee and Volunteers serving the public, current, and future leaders. We are committed to serving as a premier source of service, analysis and integrated factual information. This supports the widespread achievement of increased sustainability produced in conjunction with increased private sector profitability.

SBI’s contribution is to focus on those who use most of the earth's resources (businesses), and to inform them of choices that can ensure a better quality of life for future generations and all systems as they do business. A principal aspect of our mission is to assist corporate decision makers and future leaders to see and understand the economic opportunities: increased competitiveness and market share available to them through their adoption of sustainable business practices. Albeit the early adopters are our mentors and speakers, the distinction at SBI is that we target the thousands of uninitiated executives to engage them to embark on the journey of sustainable business practices. These SBI participants see that adopting sustainable business practices provide a key basis for contribution to resolving the environmental, social and economic challenges confronting the world community at large. In support of sustainability and sustainable business, SBI is committed to being of valuable service to executive leadership, our future leaders, and the public.

Jessica H. Fullmer